Black Rock Station

Black Rock Station

Black Rock Station is located at the east end of Madeira Drive, 5 minutes walk from Brighton Marina. Accessible public toilets can be found at the Marina.

Black Rock Station is a 5 minute walk from Brighton Marina. At the Marina you will find a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs and entertainment.

Despite some resistance to the Railway from local cabbies and fishermen, it continued to gain in popularity. New carriages were introduced in 1892 and 1897 to help to meet the increased demand. This also encouraged Volk to extend his railway again in 1901, this time out to Black Rock. In order to accommodate the increased distance the line covered, and the ongoing demand of 1 million passengers per year, a further 3 cars were introduced in 1901.


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Aquarium Station

Halfway Station

Black Rock Station

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